Stayed for New Years Eve Party in Downtown Dayton, Ohio on 09/10 Party and was charged an extra $40.04 when checking in even though entire bill was paid in advance. Called Hotel and was told this is standard practice IN CASE there was any damage which there was not and that charge would be reversed in 5-7 days if I called and requested it (BULL).

I stay in hotels on a regular basis and have never heard such ***.

Will not use Marriott again! Appently things are so bad that paying customers have to watch thier back at all times.

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ALL hotels put a hold on an extra amount for incidentals. $20 a night is about standard for select service hotels.

Full service properties usually put a bigger hold. It's how the hotel makes sure they'll be able to get *something* if you order movies, room service, rack up a phone bill, trash the room, etc. It's a HOLD, not a CHARGE. Big difference.

If you can't afford that don't' stay at hotels. Simple.


I checked in, and thought my troubles were over, however; they were just beginning. When changing the reservation on the phone, she called the hotel per my request to verify the incidental policy, and I was informed, my card would be swiped, just as with Courtyard, and if I wanted to pre-authorize charges i.e. Internet, I could. I checked in, I got up to my room, phone text alert informed me I was charged 220.00. I called front desk to inquire, was told "incidental hold, I have no control over amount charged, computer can run any amount from 80.00-150.00" I advised, this was not what I had been advised. Stated nothing they could do, no apologies issued. Next, Monday Morning, wake up to additional charge from my account for 119.00. I asked what this charge was for after room should have been more than paid for at this point. I went to front desk and asked for Kay Sarver Hotel Manager, and was informed she would be calling my room. She never called. I was told must be some accident, and they would try to fix on Labor Day. I told front desk clerk, I could not afford any more financial accidents on Marriott's behalf, as I was on vacation, and had a loan payment to be presented on Tuesday to my bank, and with the accidents, reduced available amounts to cover debits. I was on the phone with bank and front desk clerk on Monday, was told it would be fixed, bank stated had not gotten fax yet during three way call on my cell phone. Tuesday, checked out headed home, still not fixed yet.

Then, due to timing of authorizations releasing, and errors on behalf of various Marriott associates, I was forced to pay for my loan that bounced due to this, sent them a money order in the mail. When does this nightmare Marriott pleasure trip end you ask? Not yet, so I contacted the corporate customer care department upon my return and was refereed back to the hotel to Ms. Sarver, whom continues to discount my concerns and no apologies, no remorse for all this chaso causes by untrained, low level Marriott staff.

Then on 9/8/2010, after I thought it was all settled, and due to the timeliness of trying to fix all the mess caused, a forced charge was through by Marriott for the one night room and tax which should have been all that was charged in first place, placing my account in the negative 116.xx. When I contacted your office, I spoke with Ms. Debra Kamp your assistant last week, whom passed the buck back to Ms. Sarver, hotel manager at Residence Inn, and stated she would call be back after her vacation on Tuesday to follow up, she never did. Then, Ms. Debra Kamp, hung up on me twice, and stated, I needed to be aware of the deposit policy, and that "we've done nothing wrong". This is all contradictory, as you can see, I did verify, and many of your employees refuse to take accountability for the service and personal injury as a result. As a result of all the chaos, my bank has provided an email address and stated, they will now be charging 3.00 for each call related to this, because no one will deal with the issue, just give me more run around. Following this, the most rude of all, she stated " I represent Mr. Marriott" and hung up on me again. Twice she hung up on me and refused to even apologize for anything.

I finally was able to speak with Liz whom stated she would be alerting Ms. Kamp of my forthcoming email to your office. I stated that was fine, as everyone has a boss, unless you are self-employed, and deserves professional, courteous, and decent treatment.

As of 7:17 P.M. CST this issue remains unresolved, with no one caring to even admit any wrong doing at all, or attempt to fix. If I keep getting runaround, will start class action suit, and issue unsettled, I and my attorney will conduct a public campaign to let everyone know how terrible this has been. I have already alerted my fellow Marriott frequent rewards members, and they also feel this is unacceptable service at best.


I had rserved five rooms at Fairfield Inn Syosset for out of town party on my card. Eahc guest called and switched the reserv to thier own card.

Without warning I was charged a no show becuase even though every guest showed up one did not switch from my card to their own. I reserved five rooms-five showed up but because one reserved on theior own card instead of switching from my card I was chrged.

The nasty manager would nopt waive the charge even though I used five rooms! I will never use Marriott again.


I am sorry to here of the complications. If I may attempt to explain this misunderstanding, I think you will understand why this had happened.

This is not a charge, it is an authorization. This is a standard practice at ALL HOTELS, not just Marriott. The authorization is not only for damages, but more for the additional services in the hotel that you can charge to your room. That would be parking, restaurants, room service, in-room movies, mini-bars. If the hotel were to only authorize enough on your credit card to cover the room and tax, what would happen to the hotel if you had drinks in the bar, a movie in your room, breakfast in the morning, and parked your car with the valet? If the hotel didn't authorize an extra amount on your card they wouldn't know if you could cover the additional charges. Then when you leave the hotel, the hotel is stuck with a declined credit card and has to eat up the charges that were not paid for. And that is why hotels (not just Marriott) run an additional authorization on credit cards.

More often than not, guests don't notice when an extra authorization occurs, hotels run reports every night to release this authorization after hotel guests checkout. This is done because hotels understand that it affects their guests banking and want to as quickly as possible release this money back your bank. It does then typical take your bank 5-7 business days to release this authorization.

You can usual choose to have your card only charged for your room and tax, and place a cash deposit on the account that will be paid back to you upon checkout. Some hotels have the option to restrict your account from accepting charges to your room, and then you don't have to place extra authorization or money on your account. Being that it was New Years Eve, most hotels require an additional form of credit to be placed on your account, as guests tend to enjoy the outlets the hotel offers just a bit more.

I hope this helps with the misunderstanding.

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