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I work at the St.Kitts Marriott Resort and its a pleasure to do so but at this moment im considering resigning as the name doesnt correspond with whats happening with the associates, marriott is said to take care of their employees so that they can take care of the guest and clear thats not happening.There are managers who report to work late everyday,force the associate to work overtime and are forced to be on call,forced to fill in on overnight shifts which is not contracted to work, do not supervisor the work area, associates dont get breaks on shifts and managements dont seem to care , managers and supervisors are promoted by friendship and not by capability of doing job.It is unfair! We have already spoken to human resources department and nothing is being done and we wish to strike if these matters are not resolved asap.

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Marriott would rather hire from outside than promote from inside if you are of a minority race. It doesn't matter if you have a BS or MS degree. If you aren't white and a natural born citizen of the USA, you will be passed by for any higher job that you apply for!!!!!!

Marriott SUCKS!


when you work at a independently owned marriott hotel, they pretty much do whatever they want and what they can get away with.

i've worked in the hotel industrial over 10 years and some of these "***" complaints are so exagerrated.

Pearl River, Louisiana, United States #232148

I am disabled with Chronic Pain Syndrome; have a service animal for treatment. I have sent Marriott Corporation a complaint due to disability discrimination, age discrimination, religious discrimination, and gender identity discrimination.

If they settle my demand, I will not be taking them to Federal Court. I am a guest and would say that your treatment is the same as guests.

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